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Status: Delivered

Return to the menu in the Russian translation of the "Копировать" items instead of the "Скопировать" that appeared in the 110 version. It's very uncomfortable and unusual - they don't say that.

It's probably something like this: "Copy -> Scopy" is this ok?

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I will probably return "Копировать" today or tomorrow. "Скопировать" is correct from the point of view of the Russian language. But the community does not accept this innovation. And it does not match the UI of operating systems and other software. This is the same story as with the word "functional/функционал" instead of the correct "functionality/функциональность". In fact, "функционал" has become the standard too, and linguists agree that it is necessary to recognize "функционал" in the meaning of "функциональность".

Вероятно, сегодня-завтра буду возвращать "Копировать". "Скопировать" правильно с точки зрения русского языка. Но сообщество не принимает это нововведение. И оно не соответствует UI операционных систем и другого ПО. Это та же история, что и со словом "функционал" вместо правильного "функциональность". Фактически "функционал" стало стандартом тоже и лингвисты сходятся в том, что нужно признать "функционал" в значении "функциональность".

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Updating the status of this request as it has been delivered—the changes should be in Nightly and the next Beta. They will land in Firefox 121 on December 19.

A special thanks to @Goudron for helping us out with this 🙌 and thanks to everyone else for your participation.

As always, we look forward to continuing to collaborate with you all here on Mozilla Connect.

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Well, I'm very glad to see the last post and thank you SO much for your response. I understand your point, but don't forget the reason for creating a language as such - the need for mutual understanding 🙂
The main goal here is to work as comfortably as possible.

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C net als met samen С товой Wordt uitgesproken als staboj zijn 2 losse woorden.

Скопировать is kopie van zonder de s ervoor is het kopie

C just like with together С товой It is pronounced as staboj are 2 separate words.

Скопировать is a copy of without the s in front it is a copy