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Status: New idea

Ever have to download several file at one time, me too! or maybe you lived in third rate country where bandwidth is still limited, well it's also me or maybe you still need to browse while downloading, you got it, me too man.

Hey, wouldn't it be nice if you can set each download progress to be had it's own bandwidth assigned or just straight up easy interface to limit  all download bandwidth. Personally I would love to have with the first option, but beggar can only wish.

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Это очень хорошая идея, и ее действительно нужно добавить в браузер. Мне, как человеку, у которого проблемы с интернетом и когда скачиваю много файлов, нужно контролировать скорость скачивания. Но, к сожалению, эта функция отсутствует.

This is a very good idea and really needs to be added to the browser. I, as a person who has problems with the Internet and when I download a lot of files, need to control the download speed. But unfortunately this feature is missing.


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I fully agree. i need this feature too

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i have to say this is making the browser needlessly complicated, i wouldn't implement this if i was running the company, the percentage of people who would need this would be like less than 1%.

also, personally i never had any issues with download speeds, but if you do then i suggest you don't download multiple files at once.


I would love to see a download manager that gives the option to prioritize large downloads / uploads (backups, drive sync) during times of low grid intensity.

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this sounds like an essential and invaluable feature for everyone not living on first world internet.