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Making moves
Status: New idea

(If this is already implemented, I couldn't find the option!)

A lot of scammers are sending fraudulent/phishing links in SMSes/text messages nowadays.

I tested 3 links and all of them worked - I was not alerted or prevented from visiting them, so naturally I wanted to report them as deceptive sites.

On desktop Firefox, you can report a site as deceptive:


I would like a way of reporting bad sites for mobile too, so it can help others avoid these scams.

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.


On mobile we need to make decisions about what items to implement from desktop. From looking at the desktop telemetry this is an infrequently used menu item. We decided to not replicate the desktop report deceptive site feature due to space constraints on mobile phones.

As a work around you can manually go to to access the same form that desktop Firefox uses.

Thank you for taking the time to make this suggestion.

Making moves

Thanks, definitely understand the reasoning. I'll bookmark that link!

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I totally understand the point. Would not that be possible to add this feature on that opens when we click << report site issue >>

=>Add a link for << Browsing a deceptive site, go to >> (that can be masked when showing desktop version of the page ?)

Making moves

@KevinBrosnanTelemetry logic is not the right metric for inclusion in a safety reporting tool in mobile. Telemetry only is measuring how often, but not why the link is not being used. It should be complemented with an understanding of why the feature is not being used from a UX research study.

Have any user research studies been performed on the reporting feature? See usable security research. The reason for the low telemetry could be that users of Firefox are less likely to visit a page that needs to be reported, and/or infrequency of users ability to identify a site that should be reported, and/or a low awareness that the feature exists, and/or users being more likely to leave and not report.

Implementation wise on Mobile, the location of an action item for reporting of pages could be moved from the menu to the URL long press submenu where "clear cookies and site data" is located to associate the action with the URL and reduce typical hamburger menu clutter. The URL menu only has fewer option (4 lines really) and seems a logical to associate with the reporting action rather than within the submenu of "help". On desktop this would be the "site information menu" aka the lock icon.

Making moves

@KevinBrosnanrevisiting this - I can see why this isn't used often, because people probably don't realise it's a thing, or feel powerless against scams.

I seem to be having this conversation a lot:

Friend: I got another scam link, so I deleted it

Me: You should report it to help others from being scammed

Friend: You can do that?? How!?