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When you enter a video call in Firefox, it makes this extra mini-toolbar appear. It just has a Firefox logo, a camera icon, and microphone icon ... all of which just do things you can already do using the main toolbar inside Firefox. I imagine the intent is to provide off-screen UI for video calls ... but personally I have no need for this UI: to me it covers up a small portion of other UI I actually need.

But what's worse, as per there appears to be no official way to remove it (just a CSS hack)!

As a dev myself, I'm sure someone put a lot of work into this mini toolbar ... which is to say someone put a lot of work into making Firefox *worse* for users like me (at least relative to Chrome, which has no such UI) 😞 Ironically, I imagine their intent was the exact opposite: to try to make *better* video call UI.

One checkbox setting ("Display Video Call Mini Toolbar") is all it would take to solve this issue.

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