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Making moves
Status: New idea

This is a comment regarding the "Bookmark/Edit this page" star-shaped icon that is at the right-hand edge of the URL/search bar.

When I click on a PDF link I'd like there to be a text field entitled "Originating URL" which is automatically filled in.

As things stand, at the moment the local C drive location of a downloaded PDF is displayed, but NOT the URL that the PDF was originally downloaded from. This is a serious shortcoming and something I find seriously annoying.

Furthermore, I'd like to be asked how I want to name a PDF after it's been downloaded. PDFs often have pretty much random names that don't relate to the PDF's title or else the headline in the PDF in question - either would be much more useful than some random file name.

Status changed to: New idea
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i did created an addon, which allows you to run arbitrary programms ... with it you could set the xattr on the downloaded file. That way the information from where it came would be retained.