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I am currently using firefox on an android phone and the shortcuts are my favorite feature on the homescreen and I'd be glad if I had more ways of customizing them!

For instance, I would love to rearrange the shortcuts on my home screen into a custom order, preferably via drag and drop.

Thank you for considering my suggestions!

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@Jonany updates?

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Over a year later and this still is an issue. What are the Devs doing? This is a simple request that most other browsers have!

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The inability to arrange MY homepage as I want it, the open tabs list randomly returning to the top of the list instead of showing the tab I was just on & the arcane handling of bookmarks are driving me away from Firefox after 17 years of constant use. The developers seem to have lost track of the user's needs & basic principles of logical user interface.

Not only the above are problems but Mozilla won't allow me log into this forum with the credentials I have used for at least a decade!

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Android version of Firefox: Make order of bookmarks in folder rearrangable

Currently, you cannot change the order of the bookmarks within the folder in the android version of Firefox. They are simply fixed in the order that you added them, with the newest one being on the bottom. It would be nice if you could add the possibility to rearrange them.

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Shortcuts could be a lot better; more rows (why is there a limit anyway?), change the order, change the size of the shortcut tiles, don't automatically add recent urls. I really like the way Opera Mobile does this; just a clean startpage with (my) favourite websites. I have all other homepage options disabled; just the shortcuts. Making the homepage/shortcuts changeable with a plugin would also be nice.

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collections and shortcuts should be adjustable on mobile phones

It would be very nice if it was possible to sort your created "collections" and "shortcuts" according to your own wishes instead of remaining in a fixed postion on a mobile device (Android). The same applies to the links stored in the collections. The order of  the collections and links should be freely changeable / adjustable / movable .

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Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

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They should be rearrangeable and also I want all my 16 shortcuts on the same screen if it fits (I have everything except shortcuts disabled on my homepage, so why do I need to scroll to the right when 80% of my homepage is empty?)

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I agree:

1) allow manual change to the order of the shortcuts (and bookmarks);

2) Allow for more shortcuts on home page if there is room ;

Allowing customizable order would make FF Android much more desirable.