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Today, I opened a second window because I needed one that was 100% devoted to the project I was working on this afternoon. I had a couple of pinned tabs in my original window that had been there for... I'm not sure how long. Some time. I guess at some point today I must have closed that window without noticing (thanks ADHD). When I got done with my work, I realized my original window was missing, my pinned tabs were gone, and they couldn't be restored via the history menu. 😫  (Even "Recently Closed Windows" didn't retain that window for some reason, only two Pinterest pop-up ones from when I used the browser extension to pin some things... those were the only items in that list. I don't know why! There was plenty of room! The Recently Closed Tabs list is wayyyyyy longer!)

I don't remember exactly what was there (thanks, ADHD!!!), just that it was something I wanted to look at later. I tried to find other ways to restore them, but nothing worked. So I guess all I can do now is hope something jogs my terrible memory so I can search the history for them. 🤡 <- pictured: me.

"Pinned" implies that something that sticks around, but pinning them just made them easier to lose, in the end. If I had known pinned tabs were so fragile I wouldn't have used them the way I did. If I hadn't pinned them, they might have at least been recoverable through the Recently Closed Tabs or Recently Closed Windows submenus, but the way things are, it doesn't seem any different than if I'd accidentally closed a private window and lost my session there.

I think pinned tabs should have their own section in the History menu or something. At the very least, it shouldn't be as easy as it is to just lose them to the void.


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Furthermore, they should be saved in the Mozilla Account to be restored easily in newer devices or after a restore. I needed a restore after a non-perfect OS upgrade and I lost all my pinned links 😑.

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Pretty similar to Make pinned tabs persist between windows (by default) so please vote that idea too