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Status: New idea

Hi. there is a feature that will be unique to you and will have a great productivity impact, especially on office users who need to scan and attach the scanned file to an email.

Currently, the user needs to do the following process: minimize the email client, open the scan app, scan page/s, open the email client press attach button, browse to the scanned folder, find the file, and attach it to the message.

It will be much faster to press the attach button and select the option "From Scanner" and it will scan into the email automatically. save so much time and an amazing feature for future phone Thunderbird that has a camera as a document scanner. you will save so much time for many people and will have a unique feature that no other email client has. this feature will appeal to many mobile people as well as your future clients.

Status changed to: New idea
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Familiar face

Lots of folk have a button on their scanner/multifunction device that scans to email.  You press it when you load the document to be scanned and when it is ready a new mail window opens with the scan attached.

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That option is only available on scanner software, not all of them, but on some of them. The biggest issue is that it opens only in "new email" as you said.

Most emails are threaded replies or forwards. the user would not like to lose the thread/ email chain.

Also if Thunderbird goes mobile it will be so much more intuitive. I believe it's a great and unique time-saving feature.