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Status: New idea

The extension with the containers is top. What I would like to see is the possibility to delete the history of specific containers only for a certain time or always (incl. cookies etc.) like it is with the function "Delete parts of the browsing history".

If you could implement that that would be great.


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I would supsect the same issue that prevents the individual deletion of tab history is a blocking factor for this.

Currently history information is not directly connected to tab/container.  Adding this would increase  the required storage to a degree and a change in history database schema would also be requried .

Sync is also a kind of a blocker her because it is not clear how history should then be synced across multiple devices. (since a tab one one device doenst not exist on the other anymore/ever)   

The current best idea to resolve all this i have read/heard ... is to make the container environment more similar to a "separate profile", with each having its own enviroment, but needless to say ... that would be bigger effort. 

Thought this info would be interesting to some, if not just ignore it. 🙂

Making moves

absolutely this!
i also would like to whitelist sites that shouldn't be cleared on the tab containers.

have different containers for different use-cases.. and sometimes it get's chaotic because it shows the url's in a container that i didn't visit from already.

i think it's possible, but still could be a bigger effort like @Anonymous said.

it is easier to use seperate profiles, it's more annoying to use but atm the best solution.