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New member
Status: New idea

I'm a regular user of Firefox Focus on Android and enjoy it very much.

I also tend to use swipe-style keyboard input on my phone and that automatically adds a space after each word that has been swiped. If I want to go to "" then the easiest way for me to type this into the URL bar with swiping results in:

Reddit. com /r/data is beautiful

Due to the automatic space insertion at various places.

If the browser could see that this string of characters/words without spaces produces a valid URL then it could suggest that as an entry to click on beneath the URL bar.

I think this is small but useful feature. I recognise that there might be complexities that I haven't considered. As it is not specific to Firefox Focus, I'd be happy to see it in Firefox too. I realise also that it is providing special behaviour to cater to people that use swipe input and not everyone uses swipe input but at the same time it doesn't seem crazy to have for people that don't use swipe input but somehow find themselves with an accidental space in there.