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Status: New idea

The way the order of the addons can be changed and adjusted is hard to find, not where one would expect it, if it exists at all (I guess it does not).

One needs a simple, intuitive way to adjust the order and position of all the addons, which to show and which not and where to put them. This needs to be very simple, and it is obviously a basic essential, and I thought it exists, but it's impossible to accomplish at this point (probably easier some time before).

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What are you thoughts about how to integrate this?

Currently, if you right-click a toolbar button, there are three items related to buttons, but it's not obvious that "Customize Toolbar..." is the one for moving them on the bar.


Would it be helpful if the wording were changed, or a new item added?

On mobile devices, clicking and holding on a button for a second or so may make it possible to move it. Would that be a good thing to implement on "desktop" Firefox?


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Mozilla: About the hamburger menu items. MAKE THE SECTIONS dynamic and enabled for moving - instead of Mozilla's STATIC MENU ITEMS.
MOVE THE SECTION WITH THE ZOOM DISPLAY UP HIGHER AND ABOVE OTHERS. Yes, that's one user's preference however - the User should be able to control the display of menu items!

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The function of the 'MORE TOOLS'    >
'CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR'  > no, this isn't what is discussed or any solution. This is the issue is: THE MENU ITEMS AREN'T USEFUL.  THE SECTIONS - those need to be enabled for the user - to be able to move up or down.

SIMPLE DESIGN CHANGE - UP OR DOWN - moving the sections down or up on the hamburger menu list.

Making moves

In Customise Toolbar  (click the arrows or the horizontal lines) I can drag them into the order I want.

It is important though, because it seems to affect the order the addons are run. I noticed it, when on one pc I got an RTC error and not on another, simply by the order of the addons