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Status: New idea

For those of us who prefer text-only browsing as much as possible, it will be very helpful if there was an option to set the Reader View ON as the default for opening new tabs. That will save us the trouble of having to enable it every time we visit a site. So, the default view will be text-only (for users that select this option). And Reader View can be manually toggled for sites where we wish to view images, videos, etc.

Status changed to: New idea
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Community Manager

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New member

That would be really useful, especially on mobile.



Making moves

I have repeatedly asked that we able to use VIEW only, Firefox has never answered or corrected this area.  It is useless, a waste of time, space and energy to View and then find out that Firefox has also SAVED the darn file.  Then you have to waste time doing the deletes.  In the past this used to work just fine but some update must have changed it and Firefox refuses to correct.  Come on Man!

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Very good suggestion, +1

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not that it matters, but that's the only feature I want to fully do Firefox as default 'cozz love what you stand for.

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Please add this option / feature!!! it will bring back the original content-first internet experience. Websites are full of garbage nowadays. Reloading each page to get rid of clutter is a pain and a waste  of precious data plans.

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I HIGHLY agrees with Morpheus


Another point of getting rid of the I-_have_-to-reload is;

WHY should I keep paying my internet provider for EVER increasing monthly amounts of data ?!

- I currently 'refuse' to pay overprice for internet access thus my speed is reduced a few days into each month to 124kB/s once the subscription amount is spent.


So one option to add to this that would be grand would be;

click on a picture to load ONLY that into the 'mix'

It happens that one actually would like JUST the ONE picture being meaningfull

NOT the massive amount to lure you into seeing loads of other pages at the website

- youtube could be the 'subprime' worst example ?

Making moves

this makes sense heres a vote 👍

New member

Yes please do it !