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i like mozilla.the philosophy for free software that doesn't profit from privacy rocks!!! but i found i missing point that the google browser chrome supports midi keyboard on web page (check from DEXED | Web Audio Modules) you don't. maybe its only my model nektar impact gx61 .please add this to your roadmap...

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I think this is currently just being polished, so it should be released within the next few versions (hopefully)

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Hey Team,

I also think that the midi support should be extended. The other Broeser products now support this natively and I believe that Mozilla could win back some communities from the field of music.
My customers are annoyed by it, my friends and myself.

I know many people around me who celebrate music or learn instruments via a web browser, but unfortunately it's not Firefox.
Please take it in hand, would be too bad for such a function people always with another browser to equip.

For Example here doesn't work,, 

Many greetings

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And note: manufacturers are now shipping products that require a Web MIDI API enabled browser. Although the table on this page ( seems to indicate that Firefox (on Mac) now supports the Web MIDI API, all the pages I know of that require a Web MIDI Api enabled browser indicate that Firefox is not compatible. For instance Firefox returns the following message when using a Web MIDI page: Your Browser not compatible. Please use Google Chrome or Opera Browser.

Firefox is so best in everything else, why not in this?!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Shared this with our Engineering team...and that keyboard should already be supported. You must grant access to the website, but apart from that it should work pretty much out-of-the-box as long as the keyboard is connected to your machine when loading the web page. Let us know if that works or if you have any other questions 😃

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Maybe must be enabled in about:config.