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Status: New idea

I like to use the #multi-account-containers   Firefox   extension. 👍

But I'm a tab addict, and I really open a lot of tabs, for a lot of situations. for work, for hobbies, for networking ...

I see that there is the option to hide a container, in several clicks. I would like a different option on the same principle.

I would like to say to myself: "now you have to work, so you have to pause all the containers that are not for work."

basically to be able to favorite one of the containers, which would have the effect of pausing all the other containers.

And when you remove this favorite it will reopen all the tabs.
Or if you chose to bookmark another container, it would open the corresponding tabs, and pause the others

Status changed to: New idea
Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for submitting an idea to the Mozilla Connect community! Your idea is now open to votes (aka kudos) and comments.

Making moves

I guess your use case could become some use case for me and reading your idea, gave me some ideas. Just dropping them here for the Ux-Expert Discussion.

== EITHER (not a fan of this first one, after I wrote the others, but kept it for the record) ==

it could be a multi tag list "somewhere-but-where?", where you click/unclick one or several tags (which would be container names). Unselected tags (==unselected containers) would be hidden (with some extra right-click actions like show only this/show only others).

== AND / OR ==

Closed/opened eyes icons in the multi-container overlay in front of every container

== AND / OR ==

Right click actions on the container name visible in the address bar (I guess it comes with the supported extension and not one of my others):

  • hide other containers
  • hide this container
  • show all containers (active if at least one is hidden)
  • show only container:
    • List of containers with at least one tab opened (visible or hidden) ) => not sure about the meaning of hide/show versus exists/not exist...


New member

There is also the option of using two separate Firefox Profiles.