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My main (on the bookmark bar) bookmark lists get very long. If I add a bookmark to a list, using the blue star function, the add occurs at the bottom of the list. If it's an important bookmark, I want to have it somewhere near the top of the list. That can mean a very long and shaky drag up. How about an option that allows me to add a new bookmark to the top of the list?

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Hi, do you mean automatically add every new bookmark to the beginning of the folder, or have a choice for each bookmark?

There are some add-ons that watch for a new bookmark being added and move them within a folder. I haven't used these myself, so I don't know for sure how well they work. The reviews seem okay, so you could consider whether one of these might be useful for now:

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To jscher2000:  It would be a good idea to have a choice between adding at the top or adding at the bottom of the folder (list).   This choice could be part of the blue star function.   Some new bookmarks are not very important, but you don't want to lose them, and could go at the bottom.  But others belong at or near the top because you will want to access them frequently.   Actually, there may be other useful options that could be added to the blue star pop-up.

Making moves

The whole bookmarks UI/UX could use some TLC, I submitted some ideas here:

Making moves

You could always locate the added bookmark, cut it into the clipboard, scroll to the top of the list of bookmarks (easy and fast) and then paste the bookmark.