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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

I'd be interested in purchasing themes for Firefox both as a way to sustain the development of Firefox and as an opportunity to get high-quality themes for the browser from a trustworthy source—especially considering the recent focus on Colorways.

One of the things I like most about Firefox is its potential for customization compared to other browsers. I regularly use userChrome and userContent to improve my browsing experience, the latter for removing unnecessary HTML elements for certain websites.

Mozilla Corporation could also sell high quality New Tab page templates. Not being a great web designer myself, what I came up with is serviceable but not visually interesting.

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Making moves

I'm not so sure about the themes - you'd want to ensure that FF had robust, customisable and extensive theme support (I'm not sure it does right now?). You also need enough UI/elements to theme (I like to have as much screen dedicated to the webpage, not the UI. Just my 2c

Strollin' around

@KERRMore knowledgeable users than me can comment, but right now I'm using the Firefox GNOME Theme userChrome, which makes fairly extensive changes to Firefox's UI that allow it to closely resemble GNOME Web. If you don't know about it already, this page lists a number of different userChrome styles. I'm unsure of how much theming can be done with standard Firefox themes, however—it seems more limited. I think there's more room for creative liberty with New Tab themes.

With userChrome styles, you can also disable parts of the UI you don't want, so you may end up with more of the screen dedicated to the webpage. See MinimalFox for the truly bare minimum, seemingly designed for Tiling Window Managers. userContent can be combined to alter webpages as well, though you'd have to be careful in how this was implemented.

Although I'm not sure that Mozilla has ever used userChrome for anything themselves. I never see them talk about it.