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Status: New idea

Could an option be given that would enable an automatic rejection of no return mail from selected sources?

Why should our service suppliers be able to stop a reply to their messages?

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@DKDCould you, please explain more? I don't understand the problem!

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If I understand this you want to be able to reply to a non-reply e-mail ? 
These aren't monitored so would be a waste of time. 
But it is annoying when you enabled into having to use their automated on line chats bots which push you through various FAQ's.
Is it that you want their e-mail system to show e-mail undelivered due to 'Whats good for the Goose is whats good for the Gander' - 
now I like that idea :)'

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Some of the more polite use a mail address like that used by the Mozilla support site, show below.

Mozilla Support Forum <>

Others just ignore replies and do not use an address that suggests the reply address is not monitored such as the ebay address below.  They just tell you in the almost hidden text in the bottom of the mail no one reads that they do not check the mailbox.

eBay <>

Thunderbird will warn if you try and reply,  but will allow you to send the email anyway because the email address is a normal email address just like yours.  The difference is that when the mail is delivered to the mail server at it just deletes the email as does the ebay one mentioned. 

It is the same with your suppliers,  they send from an email that when it gets to their server as a reply, it is just dumped.  You can essentially can do the same thing by deleting their mail sent to you unread.

The reality is it is a normal email address in all cases.  It is just what the recipient chooses to do with the mail when it is delivered that changes.

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No Return Emails are acceptable if they provide only information.
No Return Emails are not acceptable from businesses or others that we have contracts with.
If a service supplier chooses to advise its customers of changed costs or terms and conditions by email, the recipient should be able to reply by email.

Would it be possible for the system to identify a no return email and to ask the recipient if the email should be accepted? If not accepted the sender would be informed.

If no return emails were stopped, the sheer frustration of being forced to waste time waiting on the telephone for a responder in a call center would stop, Furthermore the added frustration of trying to converse with a person who is not good at speaking clearly in the callers language would be eliminated. People with hearing disabilities are always inconvenienced.

A further problem for some customers is that call centers are not open for 24hrs.

Why should Suppliers be allowed to cause such unnecessary problems to their customers?