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Status: Delivered

We should change Firefox icon accordingly Apple Human Interface Guidelines. There is already icons on internet.

Firefox Icon.png


Strollin' around

Agree, old icon was way better. There are tons of apps around that are not "square" and I think it's totally ok for Firefox not to be.

Generally I think such "boxed" icons like Chrome and now Firefox look back if the added background is not part of the logo itself.

Community Manager
Community Manager

To @FloWendelborn

The one you have was the testing version which was an error from the teams.

There will be updated icons soon to be released with a right size.

Thank you.

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Making moves

Never mind, looks like the new Firefox does have the new icon and somehow it didn't get updated in my dock.

Making moves


A recent update changed the app icon for Firefox to a black background instead of the normal light (see attached pic - the Thunderbird icon is proper).  I do *not* use dark mode, so this looks bad, is an eyesore and frustrates me. 

Also Mozilla devs need to realize that not everyone is using the latest macOS on purpose -- some people like sane GUIs -- so styling the icons to favor just one version is frustrating.  Looking at my dock, now it seems as if something is wrong with Firefox...


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@spearsonthank you for your advice on changing the icon. I would just clarify that you need to drag the .icns to the small icon at the top of the "get info" window, not the large icon at the bottom. I found some round icons online and switched it. I feel that the rounded square icons are a step back. If we have the ability to have transparent icons, why not utilize that?

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Thanks guys. Looks much better.

Screen Shot 2022-10-24 at 15.19.10.png

Edit: I updated to macOS Ventura. It looks odd and smaller than other icons.Screenshot 2022-10-25 at 22.37.26.png




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The new icon looks EXTREMELY UGLY on my macOS Catalina.

It is the only icon with non-transparent black background. I have other apps that have rounded square icons, but none of them looks so ugly.

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I second this. The new icon does not look very good. I hope Spotify and VMWare keep their icons as they are now 😉

Please revert to the previous icon. Or at least use a white background like Chrome does.

Workaround is to apply the icon of a < 106 version using the Finder's info window.

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I agree, V106 Icon looks EXTREMELY disproportionate when compared to other icons in the dock. It's not "Tall" enough - I am assuming this is an optical illusion (because of the dark background), but please modify it to make it look more native - right now it is extremely out of place. Needs another revision for sure.