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New member
Status: Delivered

We should change Firefox icon accordingly Apple Human Interface Guidelines. There is already icons on internet.

Firefox Icon.png


Strollin' around

I joined this forum to specifically post this:

I dislike immensely the new macos styled icon (squircle). It does NOT go with the macOS design philosophy in my opinion.

I have replaced this horrible thing with the previous 105 version roundel via the applications Get Info panel.

Making moves

I also agree that the new macOS dock icon for v106 looks very bad. I also joined just to provide my feedback because of how bad it looks. I think it needs a white/lighter background and agree that as it is now there's an illusion that it's smaller than the other icons in my dock.

Making moves

Merci pour la mise à jour.

Icône parfait sur Macos

Thanks for the update.

Perfect icon on Macos

New member

I ended up retrieving firefox.icns from a backup, and dropped it onto the up left corner of the dialogue resulting from Get Info on the Firefox app. Problem temporarily solved.

New member

Checking from a Monterey Mac, I must say the new icon looks better than on Catalina. Still, I would say a light-background icon like the one in the original suggestion would look better than the current one.

Making moves

Size looks OK to me, but maybe a white background would be less intrusive? Certainly do like it better than just the roundel. Spotify, do you hear me?

New member

For me, the icon in 106.0.5 looks as if there are transparency issues 😉 Seriously, this is way too dark, almost black.

Status changed to: Delivered
Community Manager
Community Manager

Great job all around! This has been delivered.

We look forward to hearing more of your product ideas/feedback here in the Mozilla Connect community 🙌