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From the previous post on Crowdicity:

I would like to see vertical tabs baked in. MS Edge now has it out of the box!

I currently use addons for this - but there's no way to disable the top tab bar, which duplicates the tabs and takes up space.

Vertical tabs (with top bar disabled) would free up more space for web content, which is (usually) vertical. Most screens are widescreen (RIP ThinkPad 4:3 ratios), so the less browser UI at the top/bottom, the more content we can view.


The original post received 154 votes and as such was the 3rd highest voted post in the "General" category.

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@0x4C3DD thanks for adding to the discussion! There's also a separate thread for a split screen feature here: Split-screen (view two pages at once) - feel free to share your thoughts there too 😃

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Firefox needs to innovate on feature to not be left behind other browsers, make it an option please.

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Learn from Arc browser.

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I continue to hope this gets implemented natively as well.  An additional extension API for more development would be quite welcome.

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Please. Please implement native vertical tabs that work like Edge or Brave (i.e., with auto-hide and a thumbnail preview on hover). Please

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@grahamperrinwrote at ‎09-26-2022 11:59 AM:

@Irvinwrote at 03-03-2022 08:35 AM:

or just provide an API to hide the tab bar and …

1332447 - API to hide the tabstrip

Hard to believe it's been the better part of a decade waiting for this to be implemented. I remember some security concerns, so maybe they will make the functionality native and never implement such an API.

All of these discussions have given me a bit of a crazy idea too:

@Jonwrote at ‎06-30-2023 07:58 AM:

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)

There's more:

Related but not identical:

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I do not think simply implementing an API to hide the tab bar is enough. I can't stand the current extension implementations of vertical tabs for one reason. They are forced to use the same panel as Bookmarks and History. As someone who likes to have the Bookmark panel open all the time, and loves vertical tabs, this is not compatible for my browsing needs.

Pre WebExtension vertical tab solutions was better because they could create their own panel separate from everything else. A few other browsers like Vivaldi understand this. But the thing is, I would rather be using Firefox as it feels better to use. So I'm constantly fighting between the better browsing experience vs the better user experience. 

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One year and a half.

See you Firefox. I still love you, but I deserve better. Of course, you will cry because everybody is leaving, but you can't say you don't know why.

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I mean, even just being able to disable the tab bar (with the ability to set a hotkey) would be a super simple way to "add" this feature, as it would make the existing extensions more viable. That shouldn't take years...

(And they can then develop a good native solution in the meantime.)

Also, if you have a native way to quickly (hotkey) switch between vertical and horizontal tabs, and the tab bar automatically disappears if you only have one tab open (like Safari), split screen becomes less important. For instance, you could have one window on the left, with a nice tab tree, and then have a window on the right with horizontal tabs (and no tab bar, if only the one tab).

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With latest update, my custom css for vertical tabs broke again. Sorry, Mozilla, you made me switch to Edge.

I will miss Firefox 😞