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From the previous post on Crowdicity:

I would like to see vertical tabs baked in. MS Edge now has it out of the box!

I currently use addons for this - but there's no way to disable the top tab bar, which duplicates the tabs and takes up space.

Vertical tabs (with top bar disabled) would free up more space for web content, which is (usually) vertical. Most screens are widescreen (RIP ThinkPad 4:3 ratios), so the less browser UI at the top/bottom, the more content we can view.


The original post received 154 votes and as such was the 3rd highest voted post in the "General" category.

Strollin' around

And if it doesn't support all the functionality of the previous implementations, allow that functionality to be added by add-ons.

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Hopefully vertical tabs will have a way so that addons can extend functionality too!

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I would love this! It's one thing that makes Firefox hard to use right now (Not having them I mean).


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or just provide an API to hide the tab bar and enable vertical tab addon to call native tab context menu, just like what they can do before 57. We already had several good vertical tab addons, just had no way to retreat the space from the native tab bar.

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Only the title bar MUST then disappear!

Such as here:


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Sadly this is why I must bounce between Edge and FF, just because those vertical tabs are so darn useful in my workflow.

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Tree-style tabs, Sidebery and others do a good job, but I suspect a good base implementation with plenty of flexibility could give them a nice base to build off of and do even greater things.

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Hey all, 

Here with an exciting update…

Your idea has quickly received a great deal of votes (kudos) and support here in the Mozilla Connect community, so we are upgrading the status to “Trending idea.” This means it’s now one step closer to reaching our internal teams for review—learn more about The Idea Journey

Please keep the conversation going and stay tuned for updates 😃

-The Community Team

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I use vertical tabs on MS Edge at work and find they are much better and make workflow easier.  It is disappointing that this is not already an option. Off course there is an add on that’s ok and applies vertical tabs built annoyingly leaves the horizontal tabs across the top so not really helpful. In fact, it would have been better to implement vertical tabs than the new but horrible downloads that user have been complaining about recently.

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Yes, it would be handy if extensions could use the context menu of the tabs if there are no complicated security or other issues.
It's good to have the choice and some extensions have many features in the contextual menu and some original ideas.

For example, Tree Tabs has "Mute", "Mute others" and many others, and allows you to pin the usual tabs to have them as buttons.
But you can't drag a tab to the bookmarks, you have to do it from the address bar for the current tab.

But the most useful thing for me would be to be able to hide the tabs bar, which has become useless. And it should be easy to do.