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The Multi-Account Containers extension is a very useful addon as it prevents websites from accessing all your browsing data by limiting it inside containers. I love this so much as it enhances the privacy. For example, I keep all meta related websites like facebook, instagram in a seperate container. So the only data they can access is between their own websites and not the rest of my browsing habits.

TLDR: Please bring this extension for Android!


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Please add containers to mobile forefox

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                                                                 Please bring this in. It is so essential to privacy and security                                                                   

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Please bring this to Android!! Also web developer console / inspect element!!

Making moves

 I really wish that mozilla cared about firefox mobile. If you compare desktop and mobile then is desktop superior and mobile from the ancient times.     

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Come on guy's, you don't need our votes to know this is a killer feature!

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Any movement on this yet?

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In fact, it's urgent. Really. Having the ability to use containers — everywhere, in any and all platforms — is the only way to make internet safe and healthy again.

The only alternative to that is using *different browsers* — which we don't like and which makes both Firefox weaker and users frustrated!

@djbrown's reply above ( refers to and links several other threads outside of Mozilla Connect that show significant and additional support.

BTW @Jon, how can you guys make external support to an idea be accounted for in Mozilla Connect? Because one thing is liking Firefox, using Firefox and wanting it to further develop and evolve, and another thing would be having to express support for ideas in Mozilla Connect exclusively for that support to be properly considered. What I'm proposing here is, by analogy, what Google decided to do with ratings: besides having its own (Google Maps-based) rating, it also shows ratings that show up in other services (Facebook, maybe TripAdvisor too if I'm not mistaken, ticket-selling websites for sure, etc.). So, likewise, I advocate that Mozilla take into account support that ideas receive elsewhere for prioritizing them for development.

In any case, cheers and keep the good work!

(And please prioritize Android containers!)

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Containers are Firefox's defining feature on desktop, and it's time to bring it to Android. I'd love to have the same level of control over my privacy when I browse the web on my phone as I have when I browse the web with with Firefox on my computer.

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Signed up to say I hope we get this soon, as I don't really understand how sync can work against desktop firefox without this.

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Adding my +1 here. I'll adopt Firefox on Android if I can get this