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The Multi-Account Containers extension is a very useful addon as it prevents websites from accessing all your browsing data by limiting it inside containers. I love this so much as it enhances the privacy. For example, I keep all meta related websites like facebook, instagram in a seperate container. So the only data they can access is between their own websites and not the rest of my browsing habits.

TLDR: Please bring this extension for Android!


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Signed up to endorse this. Entirely essential on mobile and I'm surprised it's not already supported. This is a primary reason I switched to Firefox and makes syncing tabs from desktop, which are heavily containerized, largely useless

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pleeeaaase make this possible :-}

I regularly search for updates for this issue, today I found this thread. Other threads include: ==> ==> ==> references bugzilla#1638878 and many more (see dependencies) ==>

there are probably even more highly voted threads/issues to this topic. @Jon can you share this overview with the development team and find out to which extend developers in the community may help get this feature ready?

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I really want this feature.

Firefox lacks containers and translations on mobile.

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Adding containers to Firefox for Android would be an incredible improvement to user privacy and control. No other mobile browser has containers, and this powerful feature would set Firefox apart from the competition.

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Joined the community here to give this a 👍.

Consider too, that adding support for this would also enable using it with Firefox on ChromeOS (via Play store).

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Yeah! Please make this a feature of Firefox Android. I found it quite useful when I have multiple accounts on the same website; it is a splendid alternative to account switchers.


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Made an account to upvote this suggestion. Container tabs are very powerful on desktop and something mobile needs

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agreed, very much so, this would be a stellar addition to the mobile app.

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I agree too

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Why isn't this a supported Addon? Would love to see it!