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Making moves
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Not related to Firefox, but more of a new product idea.

I'm not aware of any keyboard app that could be considered as private by design. It seems the market for this is dominated by Microsoft with SwiftKey and Google With GBoard. It would be good if Mozilla made a keyboard app that was private but still had the features of the most popular keyboard apps.

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i always feel weird entering passwords on mobile. i really don't trust any for-profit company that mainly produces closed-source software to not one day just misuse that gigantic trove of information that flows through any keyboard app.

i barely ever use recommended words. there would probably be some cost to create that recommendation engine. I'm just saying: that is not something I'd need.

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This would be amazing. Truly private keyboard by a trusted company.

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I would use a privacy respecting keyboard made by Mozilla that also has good support for the same languages as Firefox has. Stuck with Gboard since there simply isn´t any other option on Android that also has suggestions/multi language suggestions (English, Swedish and Finnish) without needing to switch keyboard input through some globe or what not.

Making moves

This would be great!

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We really missing a privacy & security oriented keyboards and we really we need it with all the features Gboard, SwiftKey etc. But I don't want it from Mozilla mainly because they are not able sustains the Firefox how could they will work another project.

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Would love this as well (specially if it has T9 support)

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I find OpenBoard is good enough for me, but a Mozilla developed option would be interesting.

Making moves

If you want to make this kind of keyboard, please make it support Chinese input method, and separate the traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese suggested words, please !!!!
By the way, I am used to using the Bopomofo input method.

Making moves


I was actually thinking that it would be great if Mozilla did this the other day when I was trying to look for a good keyboard app.

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Until Mozilla releases a open-source keyboard, you can always use OpenBoard, which is a GPL3-licensed fork of the AOSP keyboard and doesn't track you.