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Mozilla is a renowned organization that has always prioritized user privacy and security. The increasing concerns around privacy online have made it more important than ever for users to have access to comprehensive tools that safeguard their data. This is where Mozilla Shield comes in.

Mozilla Shield is a proposed all-in-one solution that would bundle the various privacy and security services offered by Mozilla under one umbrella. It would combine the existing features like Firefox Relay and VPN while introducing a revamped password manager to offer a complete package for privacy-focused browsing.

I am already a paid subscriber of Firefox Relay and VPN, and I really enjoy the privacy and security features they provide. However, as someone who is concerned about their online privacy and security, I don't feel comfortable storing my passwords natively in the browser. Every day, I am bombarded by advertisements for services like Dashlane, LastPass, NordPass, Bitwarden and 1Password and this is why I would suggest Mozilla make an attempt to capitalize on this market. I am currently a 1Password user, and it works great, however storing, storing and managing accounts with masked emails can be a bit cumbersome.

If Mozilla decided to make "Shield" a product or implement these ideas, some features I would love to see that my current setup is missing is random username and pseudonym generation and individually lockable password vaults.

I feel like an all-in-one solution with paid and free versions could be a great revenue generator for the foundation.

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Familiar face

Thanks very much @Privacy for bringing this up. I completely agree. There was a really good conversation with @Tony-Cinotto about privacy and security topics last year and Relay for Android came up in that.

I think you're right and I love the idea of a Mozilla Shield package. There are couple of things I would add

  • Provide an international update to Firefox Private Network
  • Give Mozilla VPN a day or week paid option as not everyone needs VPN switched on permanently, but those who want an extra layer of security when on vacation, a more flexible rate would be useful
  • Add app tracking protection/prevention like the DuckDuckGo app does on mobile devices

Who better than Mozilla to offer these services as an independant non-profit that people can really get behind and provide some recurring income to help development?

Making moves

  Mozilla shield is a great idea. They will get much more popularity if they make this. And show the world that privacy and security are the number one thing in the online world. People say that we need to protect our online data for china and russia but if you ask me I'm more scared for America then china and russia. mozilla shield needs to have: vpn, relay, email, password manager, antivirus, app tracking protection like duckduckgo haves and maybe a own search engine like brave and duckduckgo haves. Relay, email and thunderbird needs to become one pruduct. App tracking protection can you put in firefox like duckduckgo or put it in mozilla vpn. You can return lockwise. A trustful antivirus that doesn't collect your data. A own search engine that's better then duckduckgo and brave. I like the name mozilla shield because it haves mozilla name in it but it is also short, strong and easy to understand.       

Familiar face

I agree with everything you’ve said @Jeppie with maybe the exception of a search engine. Reason for that is that search is huge piece of work and Mozilla would probably need to bring in investment and ads that would potentially confuse the brand. DuckDuckGo, Startpage and many others can fill that gap. But app tracking protection would seem to be an offering that people would trust coming from Mozilla. I’m pleased there is more integration with Relay and Firefox and I hope Thunderbird can use the same tech.

Mozilla Shield is an excellent name for a unified service and sounds trustworthy before you even get to Mozilla’s values and manifesto.