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New member
Status: New idea

Is there anyway to disable or suspend footercenter (not just empty it), such that footerleft can expand into that space?  I place URL in the footerleft and, while I don't usually need to see some of the extremely lengthy URLs I do want to see more of it.  And I never use footercenter.   As it is, even if footercenter is unused, footerleft is cut off at center page.  This makes the URL option pretty unusable.   If permitted to expand through the center area, that is more than enough space to accommodate the fullness of most reasonable URLs. 

I can see how this idea may be helpful for any part of a header or footer...  In my case for example, if I needed to display the entire URL regardless of length the footer is the place to do this, and the ability to not only overtake center or right footers but also to wrap onto multiple lines may be desirable. 

Thanks for any help.