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With the ability to move tabs currently in nightly it would also be nice to be able to group tabs the same way chrome does.

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We need tab grouping look like chrome Android and kiwi browser

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Collections isn't the solution and we all know that ...

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This is a feature that I rely on constantly while using Chrome. It helps me stay organized and keeps me from being overwhelmed. It is definitely a quality of life feature that makes a big difference.

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2 years left. Devs don't care 😏

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This is a major setback for me when I consider moving from a Chromium based browser to Firefox on my Android device.

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Firefox please implement this, the lack of this feature is what is stopping me from using Firefox mobile, I use brave and it has great tab grouping

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Still would very much like this, tab collections aren't the same as I would like them to update as well as I change each tab. As an example, I like to read certain webcomics on my phone, I don't like to have to remember exactly where I was nor do I want 5 tabs constantly taking up space.

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Come on Mozilla, you're the only major mobile browser without it

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Also waiting for this feature so I can stop using chrome and vivaldi on my phone and chromebook

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come on Mozilla, don't let wait us for so long