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With the ability to move tabs currently in nightly it would also be nice to be able to group tabs the same way chrome does.

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@JonI've spent the last little bit trying different mobile browsers (even borrowed an iPhone to try out Safari), and I think Chrome has the best implementation. For starters, you can long press on a link and choose to open it in a new tab inside or outside of the group. Some browsers required you to manual group them in the switcher and this was cumbersome when opening multiple links from one site. Additionally, being able to switch quickly between tabs in the group or open a new blank tab from the tab group bar is great for comparing and referencing information when in a workflow. Another important feature is how everything is laid out in the tab switcher. It's very easy to scroll between all the single tabs and groups on the switcher. It's also more information dense than a lot of the other browsers without being overwhelming. Finally, there aren't any extra button presses or menus to interact with to tab groups manually. I can just intuitively drag and drop them in the switcher to group them, reorder and dismiss single tabs and groups, or reorder within a group. When I do group them like this, I'm not bombarded with any pop ups to name or customise the group - I still have the option to, but a lot of my groups are short-lived and I'd hate to deal with a pop up interrupting me each time.


The only thing I could think of to add to Chrome's implementation would be the ability to colour code or highlight certain groups.


I really hope this gets implemented soon. This has been the only thing holding me back from using Firefox for years. I use tab groups extensively on mobile, and I need to be able to sync between mobile and desktop versions of my browser so I've been using Chrome on both platforms. I always assumed it would get added eventually, but ended up posting here out of frustration for the wait while dealing with Google's unsavoury practices. 

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When you borrowed the iphone to try safari, did you also try chrome for ios?

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@Jonit seems to be an assumption that chrome is used on desktop and android. Hence why everyone says that chrome has tab groups. But on chrome for ios, i don’t have the option to drag tabs and i can only add them to reader or bookmarks. That’s why safari wins by a long shot for me.