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Status: New idea


since 111.0 the new unified extensions button as a fixed place in the toolbar. I don't like it there and would want to remove it/move it to the overflow menu. Please make that possible again.

Also the menu needs to be easier/quicker to understand. Currently in german it is this way (used on yt as example) and you need to read way to much to understand what is going on:


At a glance all that looks fairly similar and doesn't provide the user with any benefits. I would suggest to change the current display system to something more practical. Add Categories with the applicalable permissions and just list the extensions below that with their icon and name.


Can always read and edit this website:

  • Blocktube
  • Stylus
  • ...

Needs permission to ...:

  • CommentBlock

Has no permissions on this website:

  • AntiGameReborn
  • ....

That way you would always know at a glance which extensions have/want/don't have permission and wouldn't need to read every text on an unsorted list.



Another inconsistency I found: On a popup window, which generally does not display any extension icons, the extension button is displayed with an empty list.

Indeed. That has been fixed in Firefox 114, please see:

Making moves

Indeed. That has been fixed in Firefox 114, please see:

For a limited subset of the word "Fixed".