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since 111.0 the new unified extensions button as a fixed place in the toolbar. I don't like it there and would want to remove it/move it to the overflow menu. Please make that possible again.

Also the menu needs to be easier/quicker to understand. Currently in german it is this way (used on yt as example) and you need to read way to much to understand what is going on:


At a glance all that looks fairly similar and doesn't provide the user with any benefits. I would suggest to change the current display system to something more practical. Add Categories with the applicalable permissions and just list the extensions below that with their icon and name.


Can always read and edit this website:

  • Blocktube
  • Stylus
  • ...

Needs permission to ...:

  • CommentBlock

Has no permissions on this website:

  • AntiGameReborn
  • ....

That way you would always know at a glance which extensions have/want/don't have permission and wouldn't need to read every text on an unsorted list.


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Making moves

You used to be able to hide this button using the extensions.unifiedExtensions.enabled setting in about:config. Now you can't even do that.

Looks like Mozilla has gone the "we know what you want more than you do" route.

I didn't ask for an unremovable, unconfigurable unified extensions button. I don't WANT it. Everything it does, I can find elsewhere in Firefox's menus and settings. I don't need a coder-enforced jigsaw icon adding clutter to my toolbar.


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Having the same issue, last update forced the icon on my toolbar, AGAIN.

Funny how can I move and remove even vital functionality on the toolbar like the home, refresh, back button but this useless shortcut is being forced to be there for no reason at all.

Strollin' around

This is such a useless and bothersome change. First off, forcing it onto the right makes it harder to use my rightfully placed far right button. I don't know where the idea of the far right is the least obtrusive place is to stick an icon so it's out of the way came from, but it's wrong and done by way too many. I've immediately uninstalled extensions I'd otherwise happily use because the programmer decided to force it to a convenient location to make my life easier.

Secondly, why a list of extensions? Most people keep their extensions on screen. The extra few is right there in overflow. Hated Chrome for forcing theirs on me. Usually it doesn't work when trying to add an extension to the toolbar. Now Firefox insists on doing it too.  When did quick and efficient go out the window?

Thirdly, this adds another step to properly manage extensions, like if I have any disabled.

Strollin' around

This thing is not even alphabatized, nor does it list all extensions. What a pointless downgrade to Firefox.

Making moves
Making moves

You're forgetting the OTHER thing that's broken related to this defect.  It used to be that you could drag icons for the extensions you *WANTED* available on your toolbar to the Overflow Menu.  Now that option is forbidden.

If the UI designers somehow have the delusion that the Extensions Button is somehow equivalent to it, well it isn't.  You can't select ONLY the icons you want displayed, and the Extensions Button is far too fat and cluttered.  Next thing you know they'll force the Pocket button to be non-removable, and they'll lock you out of configuring your start/home page.  It's like using GNOME or MSWindows.

Making moves

Having played around with the button and it's menu, I noticed a few quirks that are counter-intuitive:

1. Extensions are displayed either on the toolbar **XOR** the the pulldown menu of the button.

2. When all extensions are moved out of the pulldown onto the toolbar, the button gains a completely different functionality all of the sudden. Opening about:addons instead of the pulldown.

3.  It is not clear why I can not have extension icons in the overflow menu any more. It is unclear to me as to why that is. Perhaps a consequence of the first point?

4. The toggle for "pin to toolbar" on an icon (german is "An Symbolleiste anheften") no longer makes semantic sense, since the extension I toggle that for is always present on the toolbar in some fashion, as the extension button acts as a new overflow menu of sorts.

5. The gear icon opens the same context menu as right-clicking the item. The icon suggests that it would immediately take me to either the extensions settings or the respective item in the about:addons page.

Overall, it took some experimentation to understand how this thing operates and what each UI action does and what I can still do and no longer do. Particularly the first point is confusing to me, as I see no good reason as to why having an icon on the toolbar affects the display of that extension in the pulldown menu.

It is not hugely distracting for me personally (though I'd rather have the space), but if it becomes a vital part of interacting with extensions these UI and UX inconsistencies need ironing out.

Making moves

Another inconsistency I found: On a popup window, which generally does not display any extension icons, the extension button is displayed with an empty list.