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I want to switch to Thunderbird but its calendar, by default, only shows a single month at a time. This means each week's "row" is very tall, fitting way more events than I'll ever have in one day. Also, what could fit in the top half of my screen spans all the way to the bottom so I have to look down to see future weeks. It also means there is a huge amount of wasted space and no easy way to see current and future events at the same time if they are more than a month in the future. This is very inconvenient and frustrating when planning things like a summer vacation that spans 2-3 months.

I found the "Multiweek" setting but unfortunately that is limited to showing 6 weeks at a time. Even with the maximum multiweek setting on, I can fit 14 events in a single day without scrolling. I usually have 3-5 entries per day at most and that leaves a huge amount of wasted space.

Many people have very high resolution monitors and have a lot of vertical space we'd like to take advantage of. I personally use a 4K monitor in portrait mode. Please see attached to see how tall each week's row is, how many events can fit in a single day, and how much space is wasted.

I love pretty much everything else about Thunderbird but this is a deal breaker for me since other apps allow much more intelligent calendar density options. I hope Thunderbird will consider just allowing the existing Multiweek feature to have a user-defined number of weeks. I could easily and comfortably view 12 or 15 weeks on my monitor so to have what seems like an artificial limit of 6 is very frustrating... you've already built the perfect feature I want... but it is unnecessarily capped at 6 weeks.

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