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Hi, I would like to suggest addition of encrypting exported passwords from FireFox with some kind of master password or something as an option. So you can export them and potentially import them on different PC or in case of profile corruption restore them back, as long as you have the password.

I use FireFox on few computers and on some of them due to work with confidential information, I can't use syncing options to sync passwords to the cloud. Hence why backing up passwords from FireFox is bit of a problem. Exporting them would be the easy way, but it isn't because it exports passwords in just regular old CSV file that anyone can open. Hence why it wouldn't be secure enough. While if I could export them in encrypted form, it would be way better. I don't need exported file with passwords to be browsable, just so you can export them and import them, of you need to restore those passwords. If would be perfectly fine if it is FireFox only format. Since for viewing, CSV should stay as option.

That way I could export backups and not have to worry if system gets infected. Because even if someone unauthorized gets to files, they would need very lengthy password to get to may passwords.

Yes, I know sync is there, bit as I said, I don't really want to worry about third party servers. Like I know you guys are doing best to keep everything secure, but mistakes happen and nothing is completely immune.

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