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Status: New idea

When using the "Find in page" option it is sometimes (very) difficult to find the currently highlighted matching text. I would find it helpful to have the ability to make the currently highlighted item flash, or change color -- some kind of visual activity to catch the eye.

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Making moves

I had the same issue the other day on youtube. It found a match but couldn't spot it for the life of me.

Note that I also tried in Edge and had the exact same issue.

In the past, FF had this option, it seems to be gone now though 😢

Familiar face

Maybe the best solution would simply be to offer customization options for "Find In Page" like changing the color of the highlight?

Strollin' around

This is a great idea 

Making moves

Add option to have text search results blink

Many times I'm not able to find the results that FF text search claims to have been found.

Here is one example:

Blink search results 1.png


So, for accessibility and usability reasons, please add a Boolean checkbox option to have all text search results blink vividly, similar to this simulation:

Blink search results.gif


Community Manager
Community Manager

@WhiteKnight thanks for adding examples and visuals—this is super helpful!

New member

A simple feature that turns the highlighted text off and on for a blinking effect, which could help it be more visible. Because on some websites I have great difficulty seeing whatever is highlighted by the CTRL+F function.

Or maybe something else that can help find the text, but I just thought this would be easy and useful to implement

Community Manager
Community Manager

(Note: similar ideas have been merged into this thread)