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I sometimes mark an email as unread so that I can later remind myself to go back to some important information in the text. In so doing, GMail places a check mark in the left margin box. Often I forget to uncheck the box. Sure enough, before I go back to the message I clean out my Inbox by sending older, no longer needed emails to trash. As currently constructed, ALL emails that I checked for trash AND those that I previously labelled as Unread and forgot to uncheck, are now transferred to Trash. At a later time, when looking for the email that I Marked as Unread, and failing to find it, if I have not yet deleted all trash, I can locate it in the trash. Unfortunately, I often realize that I have deleted the trash before I have rescued the Mark as Unread email--it's gone. Why must the check mark be inserted in the newly Mark as Unread email? It's already in bold type to emphasize that it is unread and a quick look at the topic will remind me that it's one that I saved for re-reading. Why not just leave it as bold and forget the check mark?

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Why does my Thunderbird intermittently loose incoming emails from my Gmail account please? I see the notification come up at the bottom of the screen but the emails are not visible, neither are they in Trash.

 Fortunately my Gmail app on the android phone works every time.

 Hope someone can help