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Status: New idea


  • When the "Find in page" bar is visible, the user is unable to scroll to reveal the URL bar.
  • User expectations are that the URL bar will show after a hard swipe.
  • If the user has the URL bar at top, the user is focused on the expected URL bar, but isn't paying any attention to the Find bar.


  • User doesn't remember the Find bar, so doesn't use the X to close it.  This is the equivalent to "well, remember to use the feature!"
  • Leaving the URL bar open doesn't work, because Find hides it.

Ideas for modification of the "find" bar:

  1. Flash Find bar when user attempts to show the URL bar (when a swipe occurs which meets the threshold of a swipe, but the Find bar is visible).
  2. Slide Find bar out of view when user scrolls, perhaps leaving behind a small tab to indicate Find is active.
  3. Style Find bar so that it doesn't blend into the bottom, operating system bar.
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This is not a feature request. It is a bug report and is reported at