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Making moves
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In Firefox, on a normal webpage, you can right click and go Take Screenshot. This allows you to take a scrolling screenshot as well, which not possible using standard screenshot software like Greenshot or Snipping Tool. Thumbs up!

I just found that you can't do a scrolling screenshot for a PDF - you can only screenshot the visible parts.

Probably a very niche use case but would've come in handy as I had to OCR some images in a PDF file today, and Firefox OCR extensions were unable (or unwilling?) to work in PDF view, so I screenshotted the PDF file then opened the .JPG in Firefox again. OCR tools were then able to do their thing.

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Thanks for pointing this out. It seems a reasonable expectation and it would be good to get it fixed. We are tracking this bug at

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Did you notice the "Save full page" and "Save visible" option selections on the top right of the window once you select "Take Screenshot"?   The Save full page" option automatically captures to the end of the page so you don't need to go through the extra step of scrolling down to the end of the page to capture all of the content. 

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for screen capture scrolling with pdf

when using the screen capture ( the little scissors ) we can scroll when it is a website html page but when it is a pdf we can no more scroll to choose a larger capture zone.

in edge we can scroll the capture screen zone😉

so please make it scroll in pdf too

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Hi Kerr,

Thanks for the suggestion and I totally agree with your idea.

A workaround until they support this mainstream:

Go into Response view mode, on Windows you can press Ctrl+Shift+M.

At the top of the screen are the dimensions of the mobile device, make these at least as big as the pdf dimensions.  For simplicity I used 9999x9999.  On the top right there is a camera icon which when hovered says "Take a screenshot of the viewport", click this and a file will be saved of the viewport. 

This will create a file in full resolution that captures the whole viewing area.  You may need to trim the image to only be the pdf size.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Mozcon,

Thanks for suggesting the Ctrl+Shift+M for Response View Mode.   That is a handy workaround. 

The basic feature I need is to get a multi-page web page screenshots quickly and easily converted to pdf autosized to fit page width.  The challenge is the number of manual interactions and less than ideal page break locations.

In any case, great tip.