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Making moves
Status: Delivered

It would be great to be able to match the built in PDF editing tools that Microsoft Edge has, specifically the highlighting and drawing tools. This is one of the reasons I can't use Firefox for working with PDFs.

Making moves

Plz firstly add printing option. This is most important feature

New member

Adding some features for the PDF reader.

I think it is important to make the PDF documents opens faster, i noticed it is taking a bit longer than any browser to open a PDF File, Also it needs some important tools like a Highlighter and text box, because whenever I want to highlight something i have to use another browser that support these features.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey all,

A Firefox Product Manager just kicked off a discussion thread here in the community about the new PDF annotations feature in Firefox 106:

PDF annotations in Firefox 106 - Give us your feedback! 

We'd love to hear your feedback and ideas for ways we can make the feature even better. Looking forward to collaborating 🙌

Making moves

Improve PDF Viewer in Firefox

It would be nice if you will add some functions to your PDF viewer in Firefox, which can be usefull to edit some forms, add some signs or add some drawings like Microsoft Edge. Clean PDF viewer with editing forms in PDF is not all which i want to use, because i want show or edit at once without installing external software. Microsoft Edge makes here great job, please Mozilla make your PDF viewer much better!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Idea thread for a highlighter tool for PDFs: PDF reader highlighter 

Strollin' around

is really necesary to firefox add tools for edit pdf. Now, missing highlighting text

Making moves

I know this isn't as convenient, but you can set the opacity of the pen and then draw over the text to highlight.

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With Edge browser I can add new notes and edit old notes easly to pdf files. Yıu can't edit old, saved annotations with Firefox. Edge can save edits with one click, Firefox shows browse dialog to save changes.

Making moves

Banks, Email, Insurance companies, brokerage houses, etc all need good passwords. The more complicated the password the more a person needs to make sure that the password was not typed in incorrectly or he will lock himself out. When the Password is unencrypted for checking purposes the signin button should be disabled. Also signins with periods of  inactivity should be signed out automatically.  Banks do this. I am old and I make mistakes. I have been making mistakes all my life. The way to minimize the results of mistakes is to idiot proof the working environment. These suggestions go a long way in doing this. When Google forces you to be signed into email to use a service like Youtube it is not security oriented.

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Hi. Can we have this much desired "text highlighting" feature, please? 

The builtin PDF reader has "Draw" feature which is hard to use because drawing a straight line horizontally is a pain in the neck on Desktop using a mouse or a touchpad. On the other hand, if text highlighting feature is provided then the user can use the cursor to select a text (which is quite easy because the cursor follows a given line automatically) and highlight it.

Another feature I request is the Save button. Currently, to save changes to a PDF one has to click on the Download button then select the same file or create a new named file. This is too much work. A Save button, if provided, should immediately overwrite the currently opened file, much like "Save" feature works in any PDF application. 

In conclusion, a text highlighter and an immediate save button are much desirable. 

By the way, a big thanks to the Firefox developers for continuing to improve the builtin PDF reader. It is nifty, and in my experience works better than Chrome's pdf reader.