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Making moves
Status: New idea

It would be good to implement something like this, similar to Microsoft Edge. This would help to decrease the amount of time it takes for Firefox to start up.

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I totally agree with your point of view! If possible, I hope it will be implemented in the next version!

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I  agree with your point of view

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Huh, for me Firefox already starts in the matter of seconds.. Either completely or firstly the empty-loading mockup, then completely. All takes like 3 seconds or so.. I don't know whether it's the Superfetch (browser is like the most used app on my PC), the fact that I keep my startup list clean of apps like steam, messengers, spotifies, etc or the system drive being on an SSD (not NVMe btw, almost entry level one), but I don't remember such problems as slow Firefox startup.

Edit: Checked it now, rebooted my laptop, clicked the Firefox on the toolbar, launched in a second. Though I admit that my laptop may have specs above average even for a 5-year-old.

Making moves

hi guys!

Firefox takes more than 45s to start on my computer (64bits), is it possible to add a starting window in progress ? could be great!


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actually bring custom startup boost for SSD devices or fast storage devices, or give us the option to enable it

Making moves

Optimize Firefox browser to run even faster

Making moves

For me Firefox opens almost instantly, I have no problems

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Foxfire use to open up very quickly. Now I have to wait 2 min. and 29 seconds for it to open up. Please make it faster. TY

Community Manager
Community Manager

@bear15 sorry to hear it's taking so long to open up — it should happen right away. Here are some potential fixes from our Mozilla Support site:

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Faster startup to compete with Google Chrome

Hi, I just wanted to take a moment to write to you and say that I love firefox but i'm a bit frustrated that it starts slow sometimes. Many times it starts and automatically runs the installer because it needs updates. It seems like it does this almost every time I open it when its not been used that day or very recently.

I sometimes revert to Chrome because it is the fastest startup of any browser I use. It has its issues, like getting stuck when its got too many windows open but for the quick search or some every day task, it feels so much nicer just because it opens immediately. I suppose the more features you put in, the longer it will take to start up.

Maybe you could tell me if there is some way to get Firefox to start up as fast as Chrome, and perhaps load its updates and features when its idle or something. I think that feature is easier to select on a phone, but i'm speaking of my desktop computer use.

Thank you