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Status: New idea

As of Firefox 109, if you pin all of your extensions to the toolbar, the new extensions button is still visible, and clicking on it open the Add-ons Manager. Some users would like it to go away.

Please add a Hide button when empty option to its context menu, like the one that already exists for the Downloads button.

Status changed to: New idea
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New member

+1!! I don't understand why this isn't removable like all the other toolbar widgets/buttons.

New member

Definitely do NOT want that puzzle piece button on the toolbar. I use ONE add-on and I want it (not the puzzle piece) there. Apparently Firefox is following Google Chrome's regression here. Google has made it impossible to get rid of their puzzle piece button. Not that I use Google Chrome, but when the puzzle piece button came up on Firefox I checked Chromium -- sure enough, what used to be easy to get rid of is now not possible. Why? Why is the button so important? To me it's useless.

Strollin' around

100% agree, and I would go a step further; I would enable this by default. For users with no extensions in the puzzle piece menu, the puzzle piece button is just a permanent link to a page they will seldom need to access. That is a waste of space. It hurts the clean look and feel of the task bar.

I also hate that it's to the right of my profile picture. Now the organization of the bar goes: individual extensions / customizable buttons | user info | all other extensions | menu. Why are the extension icons not kept together by default? Why can I not change the location of the puzzle piece if I don't like the default? Why can't users with more extensions change their order within the puzzle piece menu?

It's a disaster of a change as is. There are any number of better ways to make permissions clear to users. You don't need a dedicated button for that, much less one that is permanently affixed to the top bar. /rant

Making moves

I don't want to have to see the puzzle piece icon. I don't have any use for it except when I'm checking Feedbro once weekly and when I'm using Ruffle. I don't want additional buttons I don't need cluttering my toolbar. Just let me put it all back in the Customize Toolbar Menu. The Overflow Menu Icon (chevrons) are something I also don't want to see. I'm fine with right-clicking to see these buttons. Just don't force unwanted clutter onto my menu bar without giving me the option to get rid of it.

New member

The @FireFox team should listen to its users and enable the remove from toolbar option that is greyed out for the unified extensions button. The reason I use Firefox is the ability to eliminate intrusions on my toolbar that I don't want to see.

With Firefox version 110 you could empty the extensions contained there to eliminate the extension button, now with Firefox version 111 it is impossible to empty the list. Removing an extension now means removing it from Firefox all together.

@FireFoxteam please fix this intrusive bug.

New member

+1 on being able to easily remove the button

New member

I do not understand why the team has chosen to permanently fix the button. I read the article (Here's what's going on in the world of extensions) on Manifest V3, and I looked at the help page, but it seems to presume that I, as a user, am using extensions in the first place, which is irrational. According to the article, only about 1/3 of users install extensions. This begs the question: why is the Firefox team cluttering up 2/3 of user's toolbars by not making this button optional? Moreover, some people may just use a single extension, and might be comfortable giving that extension permissions for every website. So it's actually more than 2/3s of Firefox users that are affected by this nonsense!

The Mozilla team is welcome to keep the button there by default if it so chooses.  Firefox claims that it loves user choice, it's clearly one of its motos. So, the button needs to be optional. Don't be condescending: let users choose.


Hi, this idea is already tracked in Bugzilla:

Making moves

I think it has finally be done, am I wrong ?



Manage your extensions using the extensions button in the toolbar

If you wish
If you are userChrome.css


Try userChrome.css

#unified-extensions-button {display:none!important;}