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Status: In development


Firefox managed to bring HDR to Macs in 100.0 version. Now it's time for Windows!

It'd be awesome to watch and work on HDR images and videos using Firefox in 2022. Windows is the most popular OS, why not bring HDR here too?
More monitors and devices running on Windows support HDR, so there is an increase in demand of HDR support in Firefox.

The only option for Windows users is either to switch to another browser or to download and use a dedicated app from Microsoft Store.

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@ArkDragonThanks. Nvidia Control Panel is reporting that it's working but it's now causing some display driver crashes not present in other browsers! I'll leave it be for the moment.

Strollin' around

@ArkDragonthat works great for me

VSR + RTX HDR (fake HDR)

now I only need to wait for real HDR support from Firefox.



Hi everyone, I am thrilled to say that we’ve partnered with NVIDIA to roll out AI-powered RTX Video HDR support in Firefox 126, which launched on Monday! (Kudos to the eagle-eyed posters who discovered our support before this announcement!) The course of HDR video support does not run smooth, as you are more than aware, but I want to reiterate with you that we’re trying our best to get Firefox HDR video support over to Windows as soon as we can. Thanks to partners like NVIDIA, this is a step forward in getting over higher-quality video content to your screens. We thank you for your patience. 

If you have any questions, please consult NVIDIA’s RTX Video FAQ and our Firefox 126 release notes. Please give it a try, and let us know if you encounter any issues. (Bugzilla would be the fastest channel for us to receive and monitor problems.) Thanks again!

Status changed to: In development
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Community Manager

Updating the status here to 'In development' - check out @kkim's recent post in this thread for more information. Please feel free to keep the conversation going and stay tuned for more updates 😀


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This is great news!
Thank you for being the best ❤️

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This is great news! Thank you for being the best browser ❤️
Exited for the future 🙂

Thanks for keeping us updated @kkim and @Jon 
Awesome to see it moved to development.