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Firefox managed to bring HDR to Macs in 100.0 version. Now it's time for Windows!

It'd be awesome to watch and work on HDR images and videos using Firefox in 2022. Windows is the most popular OS, why not bring HDR here too?
More monitors and devices running on Windows support HDR, so there is an increase in demand of HDR support in Firefox.

The only option for Windows users is either to switch to another browser or to download and use a dedicated app from Microsoft Store.

New member

That’s good to know that developers working on HDR in Firefox

New member

This needs to happen yesterday, you guys need this as much as we do!

New member

I'm done with this, bye bye Firefox, hello Brave 👋


New member

I'm done with this, bye bye Firefox 👋

New member

It's April and we don't have any updates, after more than 10 years I'm thinking about abandoning Firefox, it's a shame the browser won't support HDR in 2024.

New member

With the release of RTX HDR, firefox really need to get around to supporting HDR. Because of firefox lack of HDR implementation I have had to switch back to Brave to consume my youtube videos.

New member

Lacking HDR support makes Firefox a dull boy.

New member

So not a solution but a band-aid you can you if you have an Nvidia GPU is to enable the RTX HDR feature. This see seems to be piggy backing off of the RTX VSR feature and will convert SDR content to HDR. To do this make these values true in the about:config page:




And as long as you have the VSR and HDR feature enabled in the Nvidia control panel it should work (and you can check if they are active in the same location of the control pannel). They are found under "Video" > "Adjust Video Image Settings" in the " RTX video enchantment section"

New member

Have tried what @ArkDragon has suggested above as a stopgap, but the Nvidia Control Panel does not seem to report VSR or HDR as Active like other browsers do.

New member

@snappumsYou can try enabling these options to see if that helps:



I can confirm on my PC the Nvidia control panel does report the enchantment is active, For VSR you may need to be in full screen the activation logic seems to look at the actual veiwport size of the video rather then the raw video resolution, but the HDR should be active regardless of size.