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I read a lot of news and often forget or become confused about exactly where a place is or what surrounds it. For example, I know approximately where Ukraine is but sometimes an article references a country that borders Ukraine and I am not sure where that is. So, if I could highlight" Ukraine" and right click and select "Globe View" and see Ukraine and the border countries, that would be awesome. There are many other places in the world that are mentioned in the news that I am not familiar with, and so a quick look at a digital globe, without having to use a new tab and search engine and try to find a link that shows the location, would be helpful. There are many ways to enhance this, of course, like also linking to Wikipedia for that place or being able to show the time and weather, or providing a link to Google Maps. The main thing, though, is just to pop up something that quickly shows us where Nairobi is, or where Peru is, or where Ohio is.

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Familiar face

Great idea! And it would set Firefox apart from other browsers.

Making moves

interesting . i like it!