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One feature that has been in Safari for a long time which I wish came to other browsers was the Gallery view for open tabs.

It displays open tabs as a grid of thumbnails. As a heavy tab user, it would be far easier to sort through (and close) open tabs than going through one by one as I have to currently in Firefox.

Tab Groups / Containers could also easily be integrated in to this as well (potentially allowing drag and drop to reorder and sort tabs between containers etc.

Unfortunately I haven't even found any addons that provide this but I would absolutely love for this to become a part of Firefox.

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I have similar idea. These feature would be useful in full screen mode and could replace the tab bar.

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Somewhat related:

"I use Ctrl+Tab all the time to switch between recent tabs. Absolute killer feature - having to use chrome/edge without it is awful.


Unfortunately it only shows 7 tabs by default. Windows 10 shows (at least) 15 windows in the Alt+Tab dialog.

Would be nice if we could change this, I'd be fine with it being multi-row too!"

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pretty good idea, what also could be nice, would be possibility of dumping all adresses in tabs in a .txt file. I am also a heavy tab user, I have replaced my pc a couple of times recently, I have synchronized tabs to my profile, -but my old "tabs" are now gone, I'm pretty sad about it ...

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There are Panorama Tab Groups and Panorama View extensions, which do more or less what you requested.

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@emvaized thank you for those links - i'll check them out! 🙂