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Strollin' around
Status: Delivered

Mozilla, why don't you provide us with relevant information when prompting for an update?
I long for times back when the link was displayed

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Through this whole discussion, it strikes me as odd that Thunderbird has the exact feature I'd wish Firefox had too. It is somewhat baffling that it can't be easily implemented since both programs share a common framework afaik.

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Strollin' around

This is a major frustration.  I want to know what is in the update you are pushing before I place it on my system.  I want to know if this is something I need to deal with right away or is it something that touches on things I am not likely to interact with.

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One More Update Option

When there are Firefox updates available, the only options I get are Download or Dismiss.  Why are these the only options offered?  How about a Definition option that tells users what's in the download? If I don't know what's in the Download, I'm clicking Dismiss every time.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I can search Mozilla for what's in the Download, but have you actually tried it?  It's like going down a rat hole.  Please offer a one-click link to what's in Downloads.  Thanks.

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Providing Better Upgrade Information

This is a long-time grumble and, I would think, easy to fix.

When I get a notification to download an upgrade, there's no information in that notice regarding what sort of upgrade I'm being offered and there's no link to find out "What's new" before I install it. 

Is the upgrade from 110 to 111?  Or from 111.0 to 111.0.1? 

Whether I choose to upgrade "right then" might depend on the "level" of upgrade... from xxx.0 to xxx.0.1 is an easy yes, but, from 110 to 111 I might want to take a look at what's changing before I say yes... I may simply want to wait a few weeks for the bugs to be worked out on a top-level release.

Also.... If I say "no" to the update notice, then go Help --> About, I'm given another chance to upgrade, but, the "What's new" link in that screen is for the revision that's already installed.  Where's the link to find out what's new in the revision I'm being offered, before I install it?

Thanks for making great products... and for indulging this rant. 😉

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Some updates may require considerable time when work is being done on the computer. In some  cases contacting someone to help update the change on a weekend is difficult. If updates are very important to be made soon or they can be delayed to a business day if they are feasible.


Strollin' around

I got the same notification in less than 24h after I clicked 'dismiss'. When I checked the versions, I saw that the two notifications were for the same version.
I prefer to see my current version, new version, and optionally link to the release notes.


FYI. We are currently working on this now and are targeting Fx 115 (July 4). You can follow the progress on this bug.

Status changed to: In development
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Community Manager

Hey all,

Great news...

This is being worked on—check out @Venetia's recent post in this thread for details and stay tuned for more updates 😁

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[About dialog - "What's new" link] Add a link to the Release Notes for the -new- FF version

I use manual updates ("Check for updates but let you choose to install them"), because I like to read the Release Notes -before- updating.

In the "About" dialog, when FF is up-to-date, the "What's new" link points to the current Release Notes, that's good.
But when there is a new version, there's no direct link to the new version Release Notes.
So to read the new Release Notes, I have to :
- click the "What's new" link to get the current version Release Notes
- manually edit the URL to change the FF version: ->

This is cumbersome, so I propose to ADD a link in the About dialog, when a new version is detected.
Something like :
- "What's new (in current version)" -and- "What's new in the new version", or
- "Release notes - current version" -and- "Release notes - new version"

Small note, why is there a "discrepancy" in the link name, like "What's new" points to "Release Notes" ?! Couldn't the link be simply "Release Notes" ?

Anyways, the wording is kinda unimportant, I would just like to have a new link !
What do you think ?

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I understand why you merged my idea to this one.

However, I've read the bug report (1831906 - Update Firefox's update prompt to include a link to the release notes), and as the title and the OP request say, it's only taking into account the "Firefox's update prompt".
I often quickly dismiss this prompt, because I'm doing something and/or I have several profiles running at the same time.

So, as stated in my previous post, I'd like to have -both- links in the About dialog.
Should I post that wish on the current bug report or create a new one ?