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Status: New idea

I'm an Android user so I'm not sure what the situation is for IOS but, on Android at least, you can't change download location. This is really annoying as I have to constantly move files after downloading. Please fix this.

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Absolutely a must have feature

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It's 11th October 2023, and this is still an issue. Sad.

This seems to be a place where your suggesttions go to die.

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Came here just because of this, will have to revert back to Chrome on mobile which is really sad.
Changing the location in about:config does nothing, and my phone can't manage the main Downloads folder, rendering it useless as firefox won't allow me to change the location.

This has been an issue since 2014...almost 10 years. No wonder firefox sees less and less users

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I also don't understand why this isn't implemented yet. I can't work on my tablet like this...


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For anyone still working around this issue:

I've partially "solved" it by using Tasker to watch the Downloads-Folder

  • Profiles->Add->Event->File->File Modified->Point to Downloads Folder

And then copying/moving said files (in this case jpg)

  • Tasks->Add->"somename"->Add->Run Shell->"mv /storage/self/primary/Download/*.jpg /storage/self/primary/Actual\ Downloads/

Adjust the file/path to whatever you need

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Please bring the option to Firefox ASAP.

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Option to choose the download folder on Android

Hi, please add the option to choose the folder you want to download your file to on Android.

It's kind of crazy to me that there's no such option even in the settings. Because I'm forced to use another browser for that.

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I have the exact same issue. It would be awesome if firefox add this feature.

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Download location

Download location option android missing a lot of browsers now have this.

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Download Prompt (Android)

On android there's currently no way to choose the save location for files, nor is there an option to rename files before saving them. No social media sites add an automatic tag to an image to show which user it belongs to, so this would be a very convenient feature.