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Status: New idea

I'm an Android user so I'm not sure what the situation is for IOS but, on Android at least, you can't change download location. This is really annoying as I have to constantly move files after downloading. Please fix this.

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Community Manager

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  This should be a basic feature in any browser, ideally in the browser's settling UI. The fact that you can't even do this in about:config is mind boggling.

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it's so weird, i use 2 website and each one is downloading to a different location. none of them i set.

there should be a setting for download folder in Firefox.

please add this basic functionality.

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For all the people who wants to choose where to download files from Firefox - I made this little thing that will help. It's completely free, but you need to download Automate app and flow created by me. Then just run the flow, choose folder where files are now downloaded and then choose where you want to move them.