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Strollin' around
Status: New idea

In IOS, when you share a link to firefox it gives you these options:

  • Open in Firefox
  • Load in Background
  • Bookmark this Page
  • Add to reading list
  • Send to device >

it is very useful feature to me, but sadly it is not the same on Android. On android,  I have to tap on firefox icon in Android ShareSheet and then it opens Firefox, and load the page> then I tap the three dotted button > Then tap on Share button> AND THEN I tap on the device which I want to send the link to.

On IOS the experience is much better, and I think in Android it can be even better by adding a new icon in Android ShareSheet which directly ask to send to a device. Or replicate IOS experience.


Thank you

Status changed to: New idea
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Strollin' around

This is what you see when you tap on Firefox icon in IOS sharesheet:



I wish to see the same on Android

New member

What if, instead, it was possible to manually set shortcuts and trigger for the options meny.

As a Coreelec user with a diy HTPC (no proprietary cast) I send a lot of URLs via long press trigger on my Android. Every time I do s "send" I need to swipe to the end of the send options list to choose yatse, to send the URLs to my kodi. This accumulates to one long press, Eight swipes and one push to confirm.

This could easily get streamlined so to share the iOS functionality.