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Status: New idea

Please expand firefox relay to create a full mozmail email to go along with the improved thunderbird.  I really like firefox relay and would be happy to pay for an email service just to support mozilla.  It would be great if it integrated pgp with the thunderbird app by default for all mozmail to mozmail emails. I believe this fits perfectly with the mozilla manifesto.  Thanks!

P.S. I really like the idea of syncing multiple emails across devices with thunderbird and look forward to a ios app. 

Strollin' around

That would be an opportunity for Mozilla to ditch Amazon SES too. But mailserver infrastructure is expansive. I'd pay for it if it's encrypted.

Making moves

 It's been more then a year and still no single info of mozilla is planning to make a own email service. ;( 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Potentially related idea here:

Proposal for Mozilla Email Domain 

Making moves

 The conservation is taking today 2 years and still no single point of life that they will make it. @Jon do you know anything?