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Familiar face
Status: Delivered

Unlike some other users, I'm a fan of the "Daylight" update to Firefox for Android in 2020. I think the new UI is slicker and easier than the competition, but from the beginning there was always room for improvement.

For me, my biggest concern with Daylight has always been the Add-On Compatibility, or lack-therof. I appreciate how Nightly allows me to curate my own Add-On Collection to try add-ons and use ones I like, but after a year and a half since Daylight launched I feel like expanded Add-On support shouldn't be limited to Nightly, especially since Nightly is, by nature, an unstable build.

I propose two solutions to improve Add-On support on Android.

1. Port over the current Custom Add-On Collection feature as-is to either Beta or Stable (this would include hiding it as a "secret setting" behind the Firefox Logo on the About Page).

2. Curate a larger collection of Add-Ons tested for compatibility on Android that could be given their own unique badging on the Add-Ons site, and in turn installable on any Android build of Firefox.

The former-most option would be the easiest to apply for the sake of those willing to use Nightly's fix, but the latter-most option would be more user friendly, improve user participation in the Android Browser's development (by allowing users to submit recommended extensions for Android similar to how the general Recommended badging works), and free up Nightly builds for testing Extension features that have yet to be perfected on Android.


Strollin' around

Very good idea, I want it to be in development and introduced in Firefox day android.

Making moves

Mozilla collects and should already have data on their servers about which add-ons are installed more often on Android/Mobile from the Custom Add-On Collections and therefore probably work without problems or am I wrong?

New member

Please, please, please implement custom AMO into the stable release! 🙏

New member

@Jon are there any updates on the review status of this idea?

New member

If your on Android the kiwi browser supports freedom of extension choice!

The sad thing of that we know that mobile Firefox supports it but just polices you not to use it! 🤬🤬

New member

Please 🙏 activate this extension.
Otherwise, we will forced to change our favourite browser to another with this extension activation possible.

New member

I am puzzled why this takes so long.
This is about a widely used addon and it has been working on mobile for ages.

New member

I miss the old version of Firefox where we could have any add-on. I hate AMP so I really miss the AMP redirect add-on.

Strollin' around

Are there news and updates about the implementation of this idea? We are waiting for an answer, thank you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks all for following up here! Touching base with the product team to get an update/some more info.