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Status: New idea

I'm aware we just got a PiP update, and it's great! However, there's still one thing bothering me about it -- the Subtitles. Currently, in PiP mode, all you can do is turn subtitles on/off, and change the size to three set values, with no fine tuning.

What I think could improve the experience is more subtitle settings, similar to what YouTube has.

For example, I would love to change the subtitle window opacity, and the font. On YouTube, I use 100% window opacity, with a Monospaced Sans-Serif font. While it may seem small, these changes (personally) made the subtitles easier to read.

There is, however, the issue with subtitles with 100% opacity blocking the view of some video elements, as the bottom of the screen is sometimes used to display information, which comes to my next point, the ability to move the subtitles around.

Again, on YouTube, this is possible, and it really helps for putting the subtitles in a cozy place where nothing gets blocked. Even if it were just set positions like top of the screen, left/right of the screen, that would still be awesome.

One last thing, I'd love if we could change the subtitle size more precisely, because, for me at-least, Medium size seems too small, yet Large size is too big. If we could change the size with a percentile from 10% - 100%, that would be amazing.

Of course, PiP is completely usable without these features, these are just nitpicks that made the PiP experience a little annoying for me. Thanks for reading!

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